Buy Singapore Phone Number

Buy Singapore Phone Number

Virtual phone number in Singapore

Your own Singapore phone number can be yours for a few dollars each month. International calls are possible for an additional fee. You will be shown how it works and given a link to register for a Singapore virtual phone number. These virtual numbers are identical to Call Nation and Prepaid Mall. Use free apps on Android, iOS, or your laptop to answer and make calls. You can call it the same way as regular numbers. Calls to your phone number will be displayed in front of others before they respond. Locate your Singapore phone number. Various types of numbers Singapore offers two types of numbering options: virtual and physical.


These are numbers that can be used to refer a city.

Toll-free numbers

Callers within Singapore can call these numbers for free. An additional per-minute fee will be charged to the caller.

Anyone can purchase a Singaporenumber?

Anyone is able to purchase a number from Singapore. The providers require us to have the names of our subscribers. If you are asked to prove your ID or address, Try a Singapore number without any obligation for two days. The number can be kept if the trial is successful then using the area code number will help you with the 931 area code and 979 area code. If you don’t want to use the number, it will be removed.

How much does this cost?

These elements make up the cost of an online Singapore number.

  1. Monthly cost
  2. Starting at $8.99
  3. Call forwarding calls
  4. Call rates for a Local Call
  5. Add-on services available

You need a Business Pack ($5.99 per number/month), or Premium ($12.95/user/month). A Premium package costs $12.95 ). and includes call forwarding. Voice response and call record are only available to customers who have purchased it.

Answer all Calls

To answer calls to your Singapore telephone number, it is simple to forward all calls to your regular phone number or to a mobile phone number.

When you get forwarded calls, you can view the caller’s number. Depending upon your settings, you might also be able see the virtual phone number they dialed. International call forwarding charges the same as regular international calls.

Call Forwarding can be done in many different ways. This includes voice response, or sending calls directly to colleagues.

Make calls

Call Singapore with our Android or iOS app. In just one click, import your mobile contact list and call any person that you choose

Anyone can see your number.

Calls made within your own local area will incur local calling rates


Singapore Virtual Numbers do not support SMS.

Voice Response

You can add voice response (for sales purposes) to your line by pressing one …”. )). Adding voice response to your line (for marketing purposes) is as easy as pressing one…”.

It’s easy to create menus that can be used for voicemail announcements and calls. You may use text-to-speech to create messages which can be heard over the phone. Type your message and it will be converted into an audio file. Record audio files to your mobile phone and upload them

Call record

Call recordings are possible if the Premium plan has been added to your phone number or if there is a Business package included in the Premium program. Call records should only ever be used in countries where the number is found or in which you and your caller are located.

Optional Business Package

You have the option to add the Business package to any number you have. All the premium features are included free of charge if you have Premium.

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