Free Phone Number Online UK

Free Phone Number Online UK

The Office of Communications handles telephone number management in the United Kingdom. Ofcom developed the National Telephone Numbering Plan (NTP) to assist subscribers with assigning their telephone numbers.

These numbers can be of variable length. This prefix can either denote another service or a geographic region. These prefixes can be transferred between providers and are not limited to any one area.

United Kingdom area codes consist of two, three, and four digits.

London has as the code that corresponds with the greatest number of people. The UK Numbering Plan is also available for three British Crown dependencies, Guernsey Jersey Island or the Isle of Man. Number ranges that start with 01 may have National Significant Numbers (NSN) lengths of 10, 9, or 7 digits. They can be 9 or 8 ,7 digits. NSN lengths for the range were 9 and 8. NSN lengths for the 0400 series were 8 which was deactivated June 4, 2017.


Six of six four digit area numbers are considered “mixed”, because they share the same four-digit digits with twelve other five-digit area areas. Subscriber numbers in the four-digit areacode must not start with separate area of five digits is code. This type is used in 40 small towns that have a mixture of six and five digit local numbers. Each type of number has been assigned to specific DE blocks. All calls from UK Landlines or Islands landlines will be charged the same rates. For calling plans that include unlimited UK fixed-line calls, calls from UK Landlines or Islands landlines could be excluded.

Additionally, calls to islands from mobile phone operators may be more expensive than calls made to UK mobile phones. These calls are not included in any calling plans call the websiteis  Prepaid Mall and Call Nation.

Fictitious numbers

Ofcom also has reserved certain numbers ranges that can used in TV dramas. This was done to protect consumers from unwanted calls and their numbers being displayed. Most big cities with three-digit area code areas have a reserved range. This includes numbers starting at the numbers 940 area code respectively. Although was once used for Newcastle upon Tyne (61=NE), it was briefly reallocated for premium rate service in the 1990s. The Post Office also made dial-centre labels for film/TV advertising. Callers were only given the speaking clock (736, which is also the numerical equivalent to TIM), for large “Directors”. Similar changes were made to Big Number Change by Ofcom. It also revised its recommendations to increase block sizes and update prefixes. You can also try this website phone number redirect for free and click it.

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